Silver Selene Chunky Glitter | by In Your Dreams


The glitter pot includes a mixture of glittery holographic silver stars, diamonds, circles and silver glittery magical dust designed to make the face and body shine.

This cosmetic glitter is safe to use on your face, body, nails and hair.

How to apply:

We recommend using a safe multi purpose balm as your base to apply this glitter. Apply a small amount of balm to your skin or hair then with finger tips or cotton buds place the glitter over the balm.

The glittery looks are endless. You can even glitter your nails by dipping them into the pot with wet clear polish on or take your glitter along to your local salon for a professional to help you.

To remove from skin, use makeup remover or a cotton pad soaked in water or baby oil.

Styling suggestions:

Try mixing glitters to create a new look. This glitter looks amazing mixed with the Iridescent Mermaid or Gold Lileth.

Pot contains 4g of Chunky Glitter.

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